Day 1 comeback: yesterday’s post.

Good morning,

Today is Day one.  Every day is day one, that’s the philosophy I’m going to attempt to incorporate into my life.  Yesterday was the past and mistakes were made in my past.  I was able to do some amazing things.  Yesterday I ran 5 straight miles for the first time in my life. Growing up I did not run because it was too hard.  I never had the willpower to attempt it because it was hard.  I think a lot of my youth and early twenties was just like that I would not do what was hard.  I never wanted to really push myself.  I coasted through life not trying things that were hard and taking the easy road.  Then at the age of 25, I went to Israel on this amazing trip that was sponsored by an amazing organization by the name of Birthright.

The Birthright Israel program was initiated in 1994 and founded in cooperation with Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt, as well as the Israeli government, private donors, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Jewish communities around the world. Tours are held in the winter and summer, for which demand is very high. 

In 2007, annual capacity was increased to 20,000 participants a year. That year, Sheldon Adelson pledged $25 million to Birthright Israel to take applicants off waiting lists and to increase annual capacity from 25,000 to 37,000 in 2007 and 2008. The Adelson Family Foundation has contributed many millions of US dollars annually to Birthright Israel since 2007. In 2011, he pledged an additional $5 million toward the effort. In 2013, Adelson doubled his past annual commitment to Birthright Israel, announcing a $20 million challenge grant that will match new and increased gifts or pledges through 2015. This raises Adelson’s total support of the program to over $250 million as of February 2015.   This trip changed me and made me find growth in my personal connection with myself and others.  It made me realize that I needed to be more of an adult and become more serious about life.

Yesterday I Somehow found the courage to do it and not give up while running.  Today I’m going to find the courage to be patient, to be kind, to be thoughtful and to be still. These things will help make my day wonderful and full of space.  I did a lot of thinking last night as I laid in bed.  Thinking that will make me be better today.

I continue to fight myself on so many things.  I need to better at being vulnerable and expressing my feelings not only here but in front of people, face to face.   I want to stop being scared to show people how I really feel.  There is nothing wrong with really expressing my feelings.  It doesn’t make me any less strong as a human to share my feelings. I think it will make me stronger.   I let me mind at times run off with an idea or an assumption which is not the right thing to do.  It makes me quick to jump to conclusions without being thoughtful.  I need to better at listening and understand myself before I can really be there for others.  The only way to do that successfully is to keep on working on the things that bring me to a place of negativity and really understand the root cause of it.   I’ve recently become aware that I’m very stubborn and I really need to work on that.   Every day I come up with something I need to work on to be better for myself and others around me.  Today work on something that you can change.


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