Today is filled with Gratitude.

Good morning,

This morning as I park my car in a unplowed parking spot I walk out into the street and admire the beauty. I notice the beauty of the snow and see the positivity.

The snow not only looks nice. It really make people slow down and be more cautious with life. Yesterday my kids had a snow day. Sometimes it’s nice to get a unexpected halt to everything. Even though my wife and I had to work because snow doesn’t really stop the business world and customer demands. It’s nice to know our kids found joy in yesterday. Thursday night brought a certain calm to our house hold knowing that our Friday morning wouldn’t be as rushed.

Today I’m making a list again of the things that I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for:

1. Family

2. Love

3. The unexpected

4. Winter

5. Positivity

6. Will Power

7. Hugs

Today make your list. Everyday your list can be different or the same. Think about the things that make your days exceptional. Today be exceptional and be joyous.

My list will help that happen.

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