Teaching Diversity!!!

Good morning,
Today as I was driving to work and my wife was sitting next to me going through her daily read of  The Skimm. The Daily Skimm, breaking down the most important news you need to know to start your day. They make it easier to live a smarter life by integrating into the routines of their target audience — female millennials.  Today they had a story that was about the Gerber Baby for 2018.    In 1931 Gerber held a contest to find a baby picture to use in its ads. One of the submissions was a sketch by artist Dorothy Hope Smith. Ann Turner, the adorable baby in the sketch, would become known as “the Gerber baby”.   Today Gerber did something that was amazing.  For the first time, they chose a baby boy by the name of Lucas Warren.  Lucas has down syndrome and the first child with Down syndrome to receive the honor of, essentially, America’s cutest baby.  When I heard about this I thought it was great that a company like Gerber is doing something great like this.  This really warmed my heart.  Having a rough couple days I really was looking for inspiration.  Their actions today inspired me to be joyous today.


It was Lucas’s smile that won him the iconic contest, said Bill Partyka, chief executive, and president of Gerber.

“Every year, we choose the baby who best exemplifies Gerber’s long-standing heritage of recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby,” Partyka said. “This year, Lucas is the perfect fit.”

I know Gerber is a subsidiary of Nestle a very large conglomerate food company, but it’s really nice to see that they are really trying to make a difference and teaching everyone that its okay to be different.   They are truly helping people understand diversity and embrace it.    Today look at the positives of being different but remember we all are the same.   We are human beings that get to live and experience this wonderful.  Today I’m embracing all humanity.  We all are beautiful inside and out.   See the beauty in people and humanity.   It’s not all dollar and cents!!! 



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