Winter Blues!!!

Good morning,
I hope you all are doing well.   The past two days I have been so busy that I have not had a chance to share my thoughts with the world.    It really has had an effect on my being, because I’m have not been able to take the time to be thoughtful.   Why do we as humans allow ourselves not to do the things that make us better?   I know Monday and yesterday I need the time but I allowed myself not to accomplish what I needed.   I failed myself in my journey that I have been working so hard on.   I don’t know if its the winter blues, the extremely busy work projects or the busy parenting that has caused me to lose some of my positivity.   After this morning ride to work, I realized I really need to get back in the seat of success and growth, I’m getting back on track.  I’m going to find the time and make it a priority.   There will always be work to be completed, some errands to be run, but if I don’t find the time for myself to breath and be present there is will be no joy.  Today make your Joy and your well being your top priority because if you don’t the winter blues will get to you.   Today will be a day of  I can and I will.



I’ve noticed that habits are very hard to break.   For the past two months, I’ve really worked on breaking a bad habit.  Like I stated before I used to pick my skin on my fingers.  Which was a gross and impulsive habit which I have totally kicked. The past two days I’ve noticed I’ve been attempting to start again.  This time I stop myself because I have trained my brain to be present and to be aware.   Success for me has been trying to understand why I do certain things when I’m stressed and replace them with habits that encourage well being and willpower.


Today exercise your willpower and keep on doing it every day.  It will help you change what you want to change.   You need to want to change.  Change is hard for many it brings some sort of uncertainty into our lives.  The result can be successful or you can fail, but you won’t know if you don’t try.  Today try, try, try!!!  Maybe you will surprise yourself.

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