To the people that gave me life.

Yesterday my family and I celebrated my mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary, my dad’s 70th and my mom’s 60th it was a night filled with lots of love and memories. Below is some of the words I shared in front of my mom, dad, family and their close friends. When I think about moments that have impact on our days. Last night had a profound impact on me,it really helped me understand what kind of friends my parents are. I was

proud to see it. It touched me.


As I write the title of my entry for tomorrow,  I stop and think about the powerful statement I just made.   Without my Mom and Dad, I would not exist.  My journey would not be possible.  My experiences would not be mine, they would have been someone elses.   My knowledge of the concept love would not be felt and shared with others.   I would have not been able to create life. I would not be able to better the world by raising good people like my kids will be.  I would not have been able to share my own life with amazing and smart women like my wife.  Today and everyday I’m grateful for both of you.  I’m grateful that you by chance and love were born and met each other.  I’m grateful you decided to have a family and children.  I’m grateful that I was given the miracle to experience life.  Today we celebrate your 40 years of being together. Marriage is hard work.  Life is hard work, but doing things that are hard alone is a lot harder.   Today remember to be there for each other like you have been and continue to laugh, smile and enjoy the days.   Every day is a new opportunity to be together with calmness and joy.   May today and every day be filled with only positivity, friends, family and good health.


Cherish love today!!!

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