What’s The Truth?

Good morning,

I hope you all are doing great on this Wednesday Morning.   This morning I have already prevented two fights with my kids and have been to urgent care for some kind of Cyst on my face.  I guess I have an ingrown hair on my face that is infected.   I’m not letting this get in the way of this day to be outstanding.  Nothing that like a little antibiotic and cream won’t fix.  After work, I will still go work out and work on myself.  Today marks the end of the first month of 2018.   I have to say I have accomplished a lot.   I have continued to write and share my thought every day.  I have continued to work on tidying up my life by being more organized. I’ve also exercised 24 out 31 days this month.  In the past 31 days, I’ve run 50 miles and climbed 24,200 ft on the Stairmaster.    Last night I spent my free time watching the State of the Union.  As President Trump addressed the nation, I thought about what does truth really mean.   Do we as a human race really know what it means?  Well according to the dictionary it means the following.

(1) the body of real things, events, and facts actuality 
(2) the state of being the case fact 
(3) often capitalized a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality
I don’t really think of myself as being very political, but I think of myself as being hopeful.   Throughout my journey, I look for positive things everywhere.   With politics, it’s very hard to find positive feelings among citizen in the current state of our country.  We are so divided.  I hear it everywhere.  I hear it at work, I hear it at the gym, I hear it on TV, I see it on Social Media.  I see people complaining about it but not doing anything about it.  They are just using words.   They are accusing politicians of the same thing that they are doing.   Instead of wasting your breath on whats wrong.  Do something to improve it.  Find a remedy,be the solution.  I used to be a complainer I am fighting my ego everyday to not be one.  Today don’t be a complainer, be a fixer.
images (3).jpg
I hope that our country can be a place were people that hold positions in government can really just tell the truth and be held accountable for not telling the truth.   The only things that I connected with during the state of the union were the stories of real people that the president shared.  These stories really seemed to be true.  The Story of the police officer and his wife who adopted a baby from a heroin addict mother and giving the baby a chance to live.  The story of the Ohio manufacturing worker who is using money that he is getting from his company’s corporate tax cut to invest in a home and invest in his kid’s education.   The story of the two girls that were killed in Long Island by some gang members that didn’t get a chance to live their full lives. The Ice agent CJ risking his life to protect humanity against gangs, and being stronger than them.  Or the Traveler that was held captive in North Korea that died right after being released.  These stories good and bad have truth behind them.  This country that I call my home has so much good and so much bad.   We as human are so good and so bad.  I’m hoping that one day there will be more good stories, more good people that want to do good.   One day I hope people will be celebrating the fact that we have come a long way.  The truth is powerful.  My wife and I are teaching our kids about the truth.  Sometimes the truth is hard to digest but without the truth, we can not make a difference and we can not change.  Changing the outcome of something that is broken is what every one can work on.  If it’s broken and upsets you get up and do something about it.  Remember you only have one life.  Make it worth living!!!

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