Its not about being the best!

Good morning,
Today is a new day.   It’s not about being the best today, it’s about being better today then you were yesterday.   Yesterday was a great day and got to spend the whole day with the family.  After we picked up the kids at their Sunday activity we went to see a kid’s show at The Apolo Theather in Chicago.  MAGIC TREE HOUSE: SHOWTIME WITH SHAKESPEARE.   After first I was not really looking forward to it when my wife told me to buy the tickets.   As we were getting close to show time I changed the way I was being,  I wanted to experience it and be present to experience all that it had to offer.  It had a lot of great lessons about reading and overcoming fear.  Which is perfect as our kids are starting to learn how to read in Kindergarten.  I love watching my kids see things that are new and exciting like theater.  It really is an amazing sight to watch.  It really brings joy to me to watch them develop and experience the culture of things besides sports, television and ipads.   After the performance, we as a family ventured to the gym and everyone took some time to themselves to do what they wanted to do.   I actually decided to work out.  I just felt like I need to use up some of the restless energy up. Once I finished I noticed that there was a family fun far.   That had a bunch of family/kid-friendly activities, so we decide to stay a little longer so the kids could enjoy them.   It really was a challenge to get them to leave, but for us, it’s important to get them to bed early on Sundays.  I’m sure all of the parents out there struggle with the same situation.  Kids get to do a lot on the weekends and they get overstimulated and when Sunday night comes around its a battle to get to bed.


Last night when we got home our kids were in rare form.  Both of them were not happy.  My son said he had the worst day.   My daughter was sad also.   I was very confused because I thought we all had so much fun together and we got to be together.   As I thought about it today, My kids were acting like that not because they had a bad day because they had so much fun with us yesterday and they really want more time with us.   Instead of me being upset about how they were acting and punishing them for their behavior.  I need to start really listening to what they are saying with their emotions.   They were sad that their fun day with their parents was ending and they were getting ready to start their week.  I miss my kids very much throughout the day as does my wife.   I feel it’s okay to miss someone because it makes the time you spend with someone more valuable.   With me being more present I am able to see things differently.   I see that I want to educate my kids that its okay to have emotions, but it also good to talk about why you feel a certain way.  Growing up I never really talked about how I feel.  I only started talking about my emotions as an adult.  I would sweep my feelings under the rug and harbor them.  I know that’s not the healthiest thing to do.   As my journey continues I want to be healthy in all aspects of my life.   I want to be well balanced, which I work on daily.   I want to raise kids that will be well balanced early in their lives so that can start off before I did.  It’s not about being the best today, but just being better.  Today I am better.  Today I hope you are better.   The best thing to do is to say to yourself I want to be better.  I want to better for myself and my life.   You get only one opportunity to live this life so today live your life fully.  Love fully, breathe fully, laugh with all your might, hug tight, and fill your life with people that fill you up with positive energy.


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