The slow lane.

Good morning,

Today is another beautiful day. I just dropped off the kids at their Sunday activity and I am taking sometime for myself. I’m not going to work out, I’m not going to run errands. I’m going to just take sometime to be present and get ready for the rest of the day. I might read a book, I might watch a documentary or I might just listen to some music. It’s okay to sometimes not have anything planned for an hour or two. It’s a way to regroup and give yourself space in your busy life.

Imagine the feeling of not having anything to do for an hour. Would you be able to do it, to just be present with yourself? Some people really struggle. Let say you sleep for 8 hours a night that gives 16 hours in your day to do things. I think your going to be fine if you take one hour not to do anything but something that helps you slow down. Slowing down is something that I have been really working on the past couple months. It’s been helping me be more efficient and effective in every aspect of my life.

It’s helped me communicate better, it’s helped me move on from conflict, it’s helped me be a better parent, husband and friend. I wish I could have learned this skill much sooner in life. We all live in such a fast pace world and we all are expect to be part of it. I don’t want to live in the fast lane all the time, sometimes it nice to drive in the right lane and not rush to get somewhere.

Today try driving in the slow lane and enjoying the sunshine and blue sky.

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