Erase it and feel refreshed.

Good morning,
Today its unseasonably warm and it’s a nice treat to feel the warmth today.   I know it won’t last because later today we will feel the chill again.  Isn’t the weather like life, constantly changing and the most important thing is how we adapt.   I’m adapting to change daily, it’s really empowering to be able to experience change.  In October I had no idea where I would be today.   Today I’m able to forgive and move forward with things a lot better.  I’m more understanding that people all have things that they are going through.    Whether the things that they are going through are work, family, friend or health-related we all are doing our best.  But I have to ask you are you really doing your best?  Can we always improve something in our lives?  Why do we as humans become complaisant? In the beginning of October, I really thought I was doing my best.  Through the past couple of months, I realized that I really was lying to myself.   Now I know every day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday.  I am fully aware and living life fully.  Yes, I make mistake every-day and now I’m open to learning daily.  Everday I will try to listen more to people, pause and understand.   I need to take myself out of all the listening and just be present in the process.  I’m creating a new habit.  Today I challenge you to try to work on something that will empower you.


Throughout my whole career, I’ve never really taken the time just to purge emails.  Yesterday was the day that I made a decision to do so.  Between my work and my personal emails, I deleted over 10,000 emails.   Today I feel a lot lighter and I’m moving closer to becoming more organized.   The things that I’m doing in life are creating a new way of living.  I am really excited about this because once again I’m creating clean space for me to create new opportunities for work and relationships.   Get light in your life!!! 


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