Adjust to what happens.

Good morning, This morning our son Griffin was not feeling well so he had to stay home with my wife.  He woke up really early and was complaining he was too tired and not feeling well.  Our daughter, Lanie was really upset that her brother was not going to be there with her at the schools out camp program.   This morning we had two upset kids that needed extra support and loving care, so I needed to snap out of me being tired very quickly.  I knew this morning could go either way for me.  I could have been stuck in a cranky tired mood or be present. I had to adjust to what was happening so I could be there for two other people.  Being there for others brings purpose to my life.  I want to be there more for others, it’s part of my journey. Giving more of myself pays back the dividends of joy and meaning. These days I am more aware of the needs of others and I’m now able to adjust my being quicker.  Somedays are more difficult than others but I’m really trying because I want to be more present and loving with humanity.


I’m sitting here at my office looking out through the window and I see the sunshine.  Sometimes just taking a minute away from my thoughts is all I need.  I looked outside and saw the beauty of the sun and the sky and it calmed me down.  Today remember to look around and appreciate the beauty around you in your life.


Hopefully later today my son will feel better and we all are going on adventure together as a family in Wisconsin.  We are starting off the new year with more family time together.  Being together is the most important thing I want to accomplish this year.  We are going to create more memories together by sharing love and moments.   Today try to create some time for the people that matter the most to you.  Tell them how much you appreciate them.   Life is short share your feelings. 


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