Making all of us better!!

Good morning,

Today the winter season is in full swing.  It’s 14 degrees outside and it’s snowing.  Today the commute to work took a little longer than usual but I guess it’s expected when the weather is crummy.  The snow doesn’t bother me anymore it’s just part of the seasons changing.   I love change because I’m changing every day.   I’m really enjoying the journey that I am on.   Yesterday was a delightful day for so many reasons.  My wife took our kids to work with her and they spent half the day with her and really enjoyed it.  They get to experience so many wonderful things everyday.  My wife and I work so hard to have our kids have amazing opportunities.  Being a parent is the best job ever and I hope my wife and I are doing a decent job at raising our kids so they can love to experience everything that a full life can offer.



Later in the afternoon, I picked them up from her office and we went to our new gym. I dropped them off at the kids club for 30-40 minutes as I took some time to do some cardio.    At the kids club the get to play with all different age groups.  They also have many choices of activities.  They can do art projects, play computer games, rock climb or play on an indoor playground.  This place is great to keep everybody active in the cold Chicago winters.  We are all trying to stay happy and active during our gray cold days here.  Spending an hour or two here will make our winter a lot more bearable.


After I completed my quick workout I picked them up from the kids club and took them swimming in the gym.   We only had a short period of time to go swimming because we had to pick up my wife up at the train.  It was freezing cold outside last night.   We had to swim, shower and get dressed all an hour.  I was starting to get a little stressed out because our kids weren’t being the best listeners at the end of the day.  They kept on telling me one more minute.   Most parents with young kids probably know the saying, “Just one more minute”.   We are always rushing from one moment to the next.  I was trying to be a little bit more laid back yesterday.  Yesterday I let my kids have one more minute twice, but they were not very happy to leave.   They wanted to stay and have more fun.  I was calm and collective in the moments when my kids were losing it.  I was really proud of myself even though I was on the brink of losing it.  I really stopped myself and thought what would that really accomplish?  It would make the whole situation worse and waste more time.  Time is valuable don’t waste it. Today or any other day when you are about to lose it, think about it.  What will it really accomplish?
I’ve been really practicing to pause for 5 seconds without responding and it really works.  Take a deep breath and count to five.  It will make it easier in stressful frustrating situations in all aspects of your life.   Your days will be better!!!  Make it a habit. Practice it and be aware. 


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