Finding Inpiration everywhere.

Good morning,

I hope you all are having a great morning. For me, 2018 is off to a slow start as I try to get back into the swing of things.   New Year’s day was a nice lazy day for my family and me.  We don’t get to have many lazy days.   We stayed home all day and relaxed in a warm cozy home.  I left the house twice.  One time to run and get some donuts for the kids as a special new years day treat.  Another time was to give a friend a ride because she had a flat tire and needed to take her kid to urgent care.   When I got home we sat on the couch and watched many shows and movies while the fireplace was light.  It was really a nice time.


Later in the afternoon, I put on a documentary on Netflix about minimalism.  I felt that we needed to do at least one thing that was productive on the first day of the year. It was a nice thing to watch with the family because we can all learn something new.   We live in a society where we just need to have more and more.  Every time a new gadget comes out we need to get it.  Every time a new iPhone comes out we need the next model.   Why is it that we wait in lines for phones?  Do these phones bring us happiness?  No, they don’t!   People and experiences bring us happiness!  I’m going to be different in 2018.  I’m not going to need to have the best new device or the best new thing.  I’m going to buy fewer things and focus more on people and experiences. It featured a couple different groups that practice minimalism and incorporate it into their lives.


The Minimalist’s:    Really interesting guys that made space with their lives by making life simpler.  This really made me think about how I want to make my life simpler and filled less with stuff and filled more with people.


A cool section of the documentary shared a unit company by the name LifeEdited. LifeEdited shows we can live large in small spaces. By applying smart concepts and technology, you can have a compelling, fulfilling life that allows you to live within your means financially and environmentally. Graham Hill, founder of LifeEdited, shows how this can be done with his own NYC apartment, with over 1,000 square feet of functionality in only 420. They are also showcasing products and spaces as well as giving tips on how you can have more time, money and happiness with less stuff, less space, and less waste.  I learned something very interesting about space that we use in our homes.  The company Life Edited did a study on the use of a home and they concluded that we only really use 40% of the space in our homes.  That means that 60% of the space we really have in our home is wasted.   Think about that!!!

The documentary also showed some people that live in Tiny homes and how they have carefree lives.  They change their lives completely by getting rid of 90% of their stuff.  They seem like they have less stress in their lives and can really do anything they want.  The Tiny homes range from 20-60k and they are about 300-400 sqft.   These people get rid of their mortgages and their rents and have no debt.  I feel like this might be a little bit extreme but people have choices.   Could you live in a tiny house?


2018 is going to be a great year.  It will be a year that I will create space and experiences filled with Joy, health and great people.  Today started off slow.  I had to heat up my body and mind.  I began my morning sharing and now I feel like I’m ready to tackle my day in a positive way.   Today be positive, be ready for whatever your day throws your way. 

Prepare and plan that is how we stay balanced!


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