Best Friday night!

Good afternoon,

I hope you all are enjoying the last weekend of 2017. 2017 was filled with lots of challenges that provided opportunities for individual growth for me: I’m grateful for the people in my life family and friends included. Last night my wife and I went to a happy hour at a new Chicago Hotel named the Viceroy. For all my Chicago people it used to be the Cedar hotel. The new hotel kept some of the old hotel. It has a really nice vibe.

In the lobby they have this wall of wisdom, which was nice little treat to read.

After our happy hour we ventured to a new restaurant called Booth One. It’s owned by Lettuce Entertain You. They actually owned it for 22 years back in the day. It was called the Pump Room when they owned it. The restaurant is filled with a lots of pictures from back when Lettuce Entertain You owned it. Below is a little showcase of what we saw.

Not only was the food amazing but the walk down history was an experience. I’m grateful I got to experience this with my wife and best friend. Yesterday was a great Friday to end the year.

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