The last couple of days!

Good afternoon,
The last couple of days have been less chaotic without having the kids around.  My wife and I have been able to take some time for ourselves not only as individuals but as a couple.   Last night we had a date night without worrying about being home at a certain time or having to deal with a babysitter.    It was a nice feeling and I/we need to make time for ourselves more as a couple.  Something that I want to do more of in 2018.  It’s one of my new goals.  I know a lot of parents out their probably struggle with this also.  We all live busy lives with work, being parents and trying to find the everyday balance of life.   Today I want to remember how I got to have such an amazing family with amazing two little kids.   It all started with our relationship.   Two people coming together from two different backgrounds and cultures and making it work.   Our love, respect, and desire for adventure drew us together and continues to keep us together.  In 2018 I want it to be an amazing year filled with health, happiness and having more wonderful time together.   I hope that the New Year will let us both continue on the wonderful journey of growth together.  I know that the last part of 2017 has been an amazing couple of months for myself.  I’ve found new things that inspire me to better as a human.  I have found ways to eliminate some more stress out of my life.  I’ve found out that reading helps me think clearer and be more mindful.  I’ve learned how moderation of alcohol use is truly important to my being and my journey of growth.   I also have come to the conclusion that I have a lot more learning to do about so many things and that really inspires and excites me.  What will inspire you and excite you in 2018! 


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