Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Good morning,

Today I woke up Feeling grateful for the past 24 hours. Yesterday my wife, kids and I traveled to St. Louis. The weather during the trip was beautiful. It was a crisp December day with a clear blue sky. I could feel the energy from the sun and it inspired me to be amazing today. We got to St. Louis at about 3pm. At 5pm we went to the botanical gardens they had a light installation called Glow. I love visiting cities and experiencing new things. It creates amazing moments and memories.

Our kids loved it and they had an awesome time being there with their cousins. I loved witnessing the joy and silliness they get to share with each other. Growing up I didn’t have large family filled with first cousins. It’s nice that my kids get to experience something I didn’t.

Today be grateful for family, extended family and as my wife calls friends(Framily). Framily are friends that are like family.

I also want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. As today is Christmas Eve I hope all my friends that are celebrating and enjoying the moments of joy with their families just sit back and be warew of how great it is. May it be a joyous and safe couple days. May the energy of the holiday season be present in you today!

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