Celebrating the hard work!

Good morning,
I hope everyone is having a great day.   Last night was the last night of Hanukkah and we had friends come over to celebrate.  They were visiting from Los Angeles and it’s always a nice time when they visit.    We lit the two menorahs that our kids made last year in preschool. We had 16 candles lit and it was truly a beautiful sight and moment.  The menorah’s are beautiful and they were so proud to use them every night during this holiday of light.


This morning the kids got up and they were super excited because they were having a holiday performance at school for all the parents.   Today when I got up I didn’t think about what I had to do at work or anything else.  I wanted to be present and enjoy how hard my kids have been working at school.    Kindergarten is a big transition from preschool and we are proud of how hard they work.  Their days are long just like ours.  They get dropped off at 7:45 am and are there all day until my wife or I can pick them up.    Today was a joy to watch and see how happy they were to have us experience what they are doing every day.   It makes everything else in this world seem like it doesn’t matter.   These are the moments we live for as parents.  Seeing our kids filled with smiles, learning, and health is what really matters.  I’m grateful for these moments.

Today see the joy in someone else’s hard work, be proud of them!!!!!

Speaking of being proud, I’m very proud of my wife.  Her success in all her aspects of her life brings me lots of joy and shows me how life should be lived.  She lives fully and I’m very proud of her for everything she does on a daily basis.  She is a role model for many people and I’m grateful she is such an amazing role model for our children.  She makes the balance of being a great lawyer and mom look very easy, but deep down I know the determination and drive it takes.  I love her for being the women she is!   She makes me want to be a better husband, father, and friend.  Thank you!!


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