It’s going around.

Good morning,
It seems everywhere I turn today everyone is under the weather.   People are either coughing up a storm or sneezing uncontrollably.   Today I ask you to please be extra patient with people.   People everywhere are under the weather.  The climate is affecting lots of people due to the constant change in temperature.  One day it’s freezing cold and the next day its unseasonably warm.  One holiday is ending tonight and another one starts at the end of this week.  It would be a shame if people had to be sick during this time of year.  This is a time to be together, happy and healthy.   Below is a nice little reminder.


Yesterday was a little bit rough of a day for me. I guess i’m not really meant to stay inside for long periods of time.  I get a little bit of cabin fever. I spent over 32 hours at home without leaving.  Yes, it was something both my wife and I decided that I would do because our daughter was sick. It’s a lot easier for me to work from home.  Today is a new day she is fever free and off to school.  Today, I have found excitement in my day.   I was able to leave the house and experience the world again and our daughter is feeling better.  I’m super excited to do things today.  I’m excited to work today, to explore more personal growth and look for tidbits of positivity.  By writing and being mindful today I have also found positivity in my experience yesterday. Maybe me being with my daughter yesterday is what I needed also.  I needed to take the time to focus on being just there and not having anything interrupt that moment.  It was the universe telling me I needed to have a day to reset, it was a rest for my daughter and me.  Yesterday I spent all day being with her and it was the best thing I have done in a long time.

We all need some time away from the world to see how really grateful we are for what we get to do on a daily basis and who we really are.  Yesterday made me realize how grateful I am to be a parent and what kind of honor it is.  

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