Good morning,

Today I’m working from home because my daughter is under the weather and can’t go to school. Sometimes you have to be ready for anything and willing to be flexible to be there for someone else. My top priority today is this cute face.

Hopefully in a couple hours we can turn this sad face into a happy face.

Yesterday I was able to accomplish a lot. I got to work out, share my thoughts, run some errands and have my family over for brunch. By the time it was 5 pm I hit a brick wall. I could tell I was struggling. I didn’t know if it was because I had drinks the night before or the fact that I went to bed two nights in a row at 2am. One thing I knew was I was not patient and feeling irritable. It was not a good feeling. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. Have the choices I made the past two days made such an impact on my being?

Today I don’t really feel a 100%, but I need to be there for my daughter. I’m going to get through it by staying calm and breathing. I’m going to get back to the place I’ve been. A place of growth, breathing and living fully.

I can’t afford to make choices that will slow down my journey. Everyday I learn something new. I make mistakes but I am resilient. We as humans are resilient! The best thing of being alive is the ability to make a choice! Today make a choice that will make you better! I’m going to make myself feel 100% just like I will do for my daughter.

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