Getting back on the bike!

Good morning,
I hope everyone is enjoying the crisp cold sunny weather.  Yesterday was a very busy day with work and family life.   If before I ever doubted how full my life was,  yesterday made me realize how full it is.   I’m more present with myself so I more aware of all that I have.   I have an amazing life partner, loving healthy kids, a roof over my head and a challenging career.    Sometimes I am moving so fast I forget all that I have, at times I need to slow down and think more.    Do you notice how wonderful your life is?


Yesterday I was moving from one thing to another.  I didn’t take the time to be there for myself.  I didn’t have time to work out, meditate or read like I planned.  I really felt unbalanced this morning.    Today I’m making a vow to myself to get back the bike.


I’m going figure out how to correct my feeling of unbalance today.  I will go to the gym to get a nice sweat cleanse in and tonight after the kids will go to bed I will do some meditation and reading.    These actives will help me be better later today.  Even though I’m trying to be more positive everyday I need to stay on top of my routine.   I need to do it every day.  Like the saying goes, practice really makes perfect. Today practice the things that bring you calmness and balance.  Make time for it.    I learned that if you don’t it’s not good for you or others around you.



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