Moving Forward!

Good morning,

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.  Our morning started with our son coming upstairs into our bedroom at 5:50am ready for breakfast.   I told him that I would get him breakfast but he would need to get this clothes and get dressed.  His response was I’m too tired and my legs have no energy I need to eat breakfast to have energy.   I fought him for a while because he was just being silly.  Finally, I gave in because arguing with a 5-year-old at 6 am is not really a great way to start the morning.   Sometimes letting go during a moment of inner struggle is the best way to move past something.   I’ve been really better at letting things go and moving on to the next thing.   Today remember to let things go and move on, it will make your day and you be better.   There is no reason to sweat the small stuff.  In the past, I would hold on to the little things that would get in my way of being.  Today I’m different.   Try being different and see how it makes you feel!


I’m grateful for today.  I’m actually grateful for every day, even when days are bad.  I feel every day inspires me to learn to make myself better.  I’ve realized that sharing stories of positivity and inspiration is really helping me with who I’m evolving into.  I’m becoming my authentic self and I’m happy I’ve taken the initiative to keep this going.  I still have a lot of things I want to accomplish.  I want to give back to the community and help others find their voice and courage.  In the next several months I will be working on providing myself the opportunity to do so.   I feel that a lot of people struggle to find their purpose in life and I think that I’ve also struggled with that.  I believe that I have started to realize my purpose.  My purpose is to keep my heart beating so it can power my body and mind to be better for myself and everybody around me.   The heart is what drives my passion for humanity and kindness.   Today open up your heart and show the world what you are capable of.

Today you can do so much:  Donate, support someone that needs help, volunteer, feed the hungry, be kind.   There are so many heartfelt ways to show the good in everyone. 


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