Today’s gifts!

Good morning,

I hope everyone is doing well.  My household was a little stressed today. Everyone is under the weather.  The sudden change in the weather is tough on everyone’s immune system and stress level.  One positive thing that I heard on the radio is today is not Monday.   Which made me laugh.  There is a lot I need to accomplish in a very short period of time today.  I’m taking a deep breath and going to tackle one thing at a time.  Today or any day, if you catch your self-being stressed about what you need to accomplish make a list and take a deep breath.  Remember nothing is that important that it all needs to be done in one day.   The most important thing is to breathe and be healthy both physically and mentally.

The first thing I did today was posted something about someone else.   When I started my journey of sharing I also decided I was going to pick one person every month that inspires me.  Today I posted something about my wife’s cousin Rich Kellner.  You can read about him in the People to Know section.

Tonight is the first night of Hannukah.  Happy Hannukah to all my Jewish friends and family.   Hannukah is the festival of lights.  How appropriate because my journey started with the positivity of light.   Hanukkah lasts for eight nights.  Children are excited about the holiday because they potentially get gifts every night, but Hannukah is more than gifts.  My wife and I want to use this holiday as a teaching lesson.  My wife is always finding ways to teach the kids a new life lesson.  I’m grateful for her mindfulness of making our kids good people.    My son has been very adamant about opening a present and it must be a toy.  We are trying to teach him that gifts come in all ways.  Sometimes they come in a box, sometimes they are an experience and sometimes it’s helping someone.  Tonight for Hannukah they are getting a lesson in the gift of experience and giving.  During the holidays make giving people a gift that isn’t something you have to open, especially kids.  Teach them a lesson of the gift of giving.



Whats so special about Hanukkah?

According to, Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem during the second century B.C, following the triumph of a small group of Jewish rebels, known as the Maccabees, against their oppressors the Greek-Syrians, who had defiled the temple by erecting an altar to Zeus and sacrificing pigs within its sacred walls. In order to rededicate the temple, the Maccabees had to light a menorah that would burn within the temple at all times. However, they only had enough pure olive oil to last for one day. Miraculously, the oil burned for eight days, leaving time to find a fresh supply of oil.

So today remember the miracles that occur today and the miracles of the past. 


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