Time won’t wait for us!

Good morning,

I woke up today not knowing what to expect for my Monday.  I know I had a great weekend filled with a lot of family time and time spent with meeting new people.  I love meeting good people that are real.   I always thought of myself as a good person, but recently I’ve become even better.  I’ve become less selfish!   I’ve been the type of the person that thought of business and networking first and people second.  I have really transformed over the past several months.  I’m not thinking about how I can connect with someone about business to do a deal. I’m connecting with someone to add quality of life to my time on earth.  One thing I read today was never to blame anyone in your life.  Good people give you happiness.  Bad people give you experience.  The worst people give you a lesson and the best people give you memories.


Today as I was driving to work I was listening to a song on XM radio.  My music taste is very eclectic.  I listen to everything these days, everything from House music to Jazz and everything in between.  Music provides me inspiration every day.   It makes me really think about everything going on in my life.   Today a song caught my ear, the line in the song was time won’t wait for us.   It really made me think.  I’ve been a type of person to always say I will it do it tomorrow or I will do it later, but what if tomorrow something else comes up or I keep on putting this on hold that I want to do.  Then it never get done because life gets busier.   I want to feel more accomplished and the only way to do it is to do it today.   Like the song says time won’t wait for us.  We have a limited time on earth, do things today that matter to you.  Do things that you are passionate about.   Today live fully.   Surround yourself with the best people, the work that you enjoy, the love that you want.  Try something new that excites you!!! 

Today make time for you and the best people. 



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