Create and Connect.

Good morning,

It’s so cold outside, I’m sitting in the lobby of my warm gym beginning my daily entry. Yesterday for the second straight week I did not write on a Saturday. I focused on being with my family and friends in the morning. I wanted to be fully present and wanted nothing to interrupt that. We took my son to baseball in the morning. We have several friends that take their kids to the same class. It’s really a nice time to connect with friends while our kids are doing what they love. I hope this weekend you had a chance to connect with joy while being present. This morning when I got my coffee at Starbucks I noticed the below card.

I really thought that was neat. They are trying to spread positivity and joy to others by having these cards available for people to take and give. As the holiday season is upon,its important to take care of people not just people you know but all people. The joy you can spread can help someone. This holiday season try being a catalyst for joy, kindness and humanity.

Yesterday my wife, kids and I went to Winter Wonderland at Navy Pier. We have never been. I feel like we might being living under a rock after experiencing this. It’s a giant carnival indoors with blow up slides, bouncy houses, amusement rides and ice skating. It was the perfect afternoon activity for a cold Saturday afternoon. We all had so much fun. For the past couple weekends we have been creating great family moments. The moments are worth all the hard things we have to do during the week. They provide the energy and the refresh I need. I’m finding my balance of life is getting a little easier these days. It’s a great feeling. Today,find how you can make the struggles of daily life easier.

We all struggle to find balance. Life is busy, but if we can create moments of positivity and joy, the small stuff that affected you before won’t really matter as much. Create more moments that will help your energy and balance. Find Joy in your day and the people around you!

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