Stop and thank somone today!

Good morning,

Today is Friday and the weekend is almost upon us.   I’m excited for the opportunity to disconnect from the busy work week and spend some great quality time with my wife and kids.  Tonight we have no plans and are going to spend time together at home.  We forget sometimes that unwinding time after a busy week is equally as important as spending time with friends and doing fun activities outside the house.   I’m currently visualizing what it will look like.  It’s making me have positive energy throughout my day.  Visualizing is a key tool of mediation that I have been working on.  It makes me calm and be more present on what I want to experience and accomplish with my days.


Yesterday was a great day filled with a lot of amazing things.  I’m excited about two huge new projects at work.  I feel that my being of calmness and clarity will help really accomplish a lot at work.   These two projects are exactly what I have been patiently waiting for.  I strive for working on complex solutions and making huge changes on myself and companies.  This type of work gives me additional purpose.  I’m now achieving personal growth on a daily basis and soon I will achieve some growth and learning at work.  I’ve always wanted to learn new things and now I have an amazing opportunity to do so.  I’m lucky I work for a company that allows me to express my entrepreneurial spirit.


As I picked up my kids from school I saw the lady that runs the cafeteria.  Ms. Janet is an amazing woman that loves kids.   I talked to her at the beginning of the school year because we are in the same business and one of my co-workers handles the business for the school.   Yesterday as I walked past her I waved hello to her, but something inside of me sparked me to turn around and talk to her.  I walked up to her and asked how everything is going.  I asked her how the kids were eating.    She said that Griffin my son actually eats pretty well during lunch.  Which is nice to hear because I hardly ever see him eat, but lately he has been doing a lot better.   My daughter is a good eater, she is not as picky.   I need to be more laid back about how my kids eat.  I’m working on that.  Kids will eat when they are hungry!   Then I thought it would be the perfect time to show Ms. Janet my gratitude for what she does every day.   I told her I’m grateful for her and the positive impact she has on the kids in the school and my kids.   I don’t know if parents actually take the time to show how much they appreciate her.  I did yesterday and I could tell it made a difference in her day.   It’s nice to see the good people that care for humanity.    The positive impact on children is what will makes the world a better place.



Today find your Ms. Janet and thank her. 

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