Let it snow!!!

Good morning,
Today is a beautiful day!  It’s snowing outside and once again the change outside is helping me realize that change is good.  Snow brings the cold but also brings the coziness of being home in front of a fire and being together as a family.  The cold/weather outside slows us down from our busy daily activities.  Most of the time we just need something to slow us down.  We are always going a mile a minute.  Today we have mother nature to slow us down.  Take it slow today and enjoy what you have in front of you.




Yesterday I saw a lot of post about Time magazine and their cover.

If any of you missed it here it is below.   _99083977_mediaitem99083976

The Person of the year:  The Silence Breakers.  I feel that Time magazine did an amazing job in continuing the discussion of the massive problem we have in this country.  People as a whole need to do something about the issues at hand.  Some of the older generations are the ones that have been sweeping these issues under the rug and probably most of them have been men.  The times have changed and people are no longer afraid to fight.  The next generation of leaders will make this country better for all genders, all sexual preferences, and all faiths.  We as human deserve equality.  I stand behind the silence breakers.  I stand for the people that fight for humankind every day.  STOP BEING SELFISH. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Legacy’s is not made by getting a building named for you or having trophies for championships.  My legacy will be that I made a difference for people and myself one day at a time.   Is today your day? 


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