Find your energy!

Good morning,

The sunshine is shining, the weather is sweet. Make you want to move your dancing feet. To the rescue, here I am.  Want you to know, ya’ll where I stand.   The above lyrics are from Bob Marley’s song the Sun is Shining.  Today this song inspired me and made realize once again how certain people in this world really are on this earth to make this world a better place.   They wake up every morning and find a way to stand up for humanity and make it their purpose to make the world better.   Every day I want to be great for others.


Two months ago I started this journey of writing every day.  Every month I start a new challenge to grow as an individual.    Over the past 2 months, I hope I have inspired one person a day to make a difference in their life.   I’ve tried to be authentic with all my words and daily stories.  I’ve had a lot of great feedback from a lot of friends and readers, these words encourage me to continue what I am doing.  They encourage me not only to continue for myself but for others.   I believe being real with people is the best way to live.   To be real today, be vulnerable, be caring and life will bring you so much.

Today I am grateful for my calmness to deal with the daily task of life.  Life is hard work, but all hard work is worth it.  Nothing that was worth it came easy, remember that. People make it harder than it needs to be.   We all need to slow down and breath.


Remeber we are all working on trying to find our purpose.   Some of us have found it, some of us are still searching for it, as long as you try every day it’s okay.  Be okay if you try your best.   In the past, I’ve focused on success as how much you earn, but I was completely wrong.  Success is about the balance in life.


I’m currently on a journey to be successful.  I’m really excited about this experience and where it could take me.   I know on a daily basis I’m more aware of what’s important in life and the people who are truly important to me.  I’m surrounding myself with the energy that will make me more successful with balance.   Today find your energy for success.

 Find your true balance!!!! 


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