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Good morning,
Today the sun is shining and the weather is cold outside.  Yesterday was the 11th warmest December since 1870.  It was so warm that the ice melted at the outdoor rink at the park at Wrigley. This morning was a complete change in temperature and 30-degree drop from yesterday.   I guess that’s Chicago weather I/we should be used to it.  Yesterday I was having a great day, I was still feeding off all the positive energy from the wonderful weekend I had with my wife and kids.  My wife’s cousin shared an awesome video with us yesterday.    She is the one that moved to Oregon and is an avid skier.   She volunteers at this amazing organization.  The name of the organization is Oregon Adaptive Sports. Twenty years ago, some passionate local members of the ski community, came together to provide snow opportunities to members of the community with disabilities.   Today, Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) is the premier adaptive sports organization in the Pacific Northwest providing a range of year-round programs.   Oregon Adaptive Sports- This is my home

This share of the video inspired me and made me want to give back.  It made me want to help people more and have more compassion for people that struggle daily.  It makes me realize I am lucky to have so much.  I will not take anything for granted anymore.

  Be grateful for what you have!!! 

Lovely quote about taking things for granted dont take life for granted

In the next few months, my wife and I are going to go skiing together for the first time.  We are both really excited for the opportunity of learning something new together.  Skiing looks like an amazing winter activity that the whole family can enjoy for a long time as our kids will grow.  My family growing up always went to warm climates for vacation.

I’m excited to start a new tradition with my family unit.  In January we have decided to take some lessons and take the kids with us.  We are going to go up to Wisconsin to do so.   It’s never too late to create lifelong family moments that we can share and be part of.   It’s like the past weekend with ice skating, my kids had such a great time that the next morning they were asking us if we were going skating again.  It’s such a great experience to see the passion and excitement they have for family fun.   In March my wife and I are going to Park City to be with her other cousins that are opening up their home to us with open arms.  They are lovely people that I’m very excited to share a new experience with.   I’m grateful for the opportunity.


Today try something new together. 

Life is short but chose to be together. 

Experiencing togetherness makes life worth living. 

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