Wear Sunscreen!!!

Good morning,

This weekend was a great weekend!!  The weather was outstanding and as a family, we enjoyed a lot of sunshine and outdoor activities.  Friday my family and I went out to dinner and the restaurant we went to was so busy we decided to sit outside.  It’s a new customer of mine so they were super nice.   They put heat lamps all around our table and it was an amazing experience.

Saturday we went out to the burbs and spent the day with friends outside riding a horse and carriage and enjoying pleasant warm December weather with good people.  That evening we stayed home and enjoyed a home cooked meal and spent time with my wife’s cousin who was in town.  She recently moved from New York to Oregon and retired from the law profession.  It’s so nice to see how she is currently enjoying her life in the northwest part of the country and happy being able to have more freedom.  It was really a refreshing visit filled with positivity and joy.   During the visit, we shared a youtube video that I first saw during Thanksgiving.   Its about five minutes long but I wanted to share it.   It’s very inspiring and we will make an impact on how you think today! Please watch it.



Yesterday my wife, kids and I ventured out to go ice skating at the Park at Wrigley.

My kids have never have been ice skating.  The last time I went ice skating was 24 years ago and for my wife, it was probably longer.   After watching the Sunscreen video we were able to utilize one of the points in the video.   Do you something that scares you everyday!!   I think yesterday we were all scared of falling but we had a wonderful time still.  There were a couple slips and falls, but isn’t that what life is about? We all got up!

We slip and fall, but we brush it off and we get back up and keep going.

If you happen to fall today or tomorrow remember you can too brush it off and get back up. 


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