Cutting people some slack!

Good morning,

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. Yesterday I did not have time to write anything even though I had a lot to say. Friday afternoon I had a great moment of growth for myself that I wanted to share. I was driving in the loop and had to quickly stop by a customers restaurant to say hello. I pulled into a no parking zone and put on my flashers. I took a chance for five minutes. After quickly running into the restaurant I came back to my car and got an important call on my cell. In stead of putting it on my hands free option, I took the call on my phone. Two minutes later I see a meter maid coming my way. I thought to myself I’m okay, I’m in the car. She proceeds to wave at me to move. I rolled down my window and ask her if I can help her. She continues to tell me to move or she is writing me a ticket. I said to her I’m on a call and I don’t want to drive while on the phone! She says to me she doesn’t care. I excuse myself from my call. Then I proceed to ask her for her badge number and she doesn’t tell me it. She says that she will call the police on me if I keep on asking her for her badge number. Finally after her calling her supervisor to complain about me. She gives me her badge number. I guess she got approval.

I only had to ask her ten times. At one point I remember asking her to just write me a ticket so I can have her badge number. This whole ordeal took 25 minutes out of my life, because I was focused on how she was making me feel. It made me feel like I wasn’t a person with feelings. I all I wanted was to be treated with some kind of friendliness or kindness. I have to say I was frustrated with the whole ordeal. I called the city hotline to file a complaint. This lady was rude and just could not understand how she could treat people like this. After I filed the complaint I really thought about it. What real impact am I’m going to have on someone? I realized it wasn’t going to be a good one. Even though she was just doing her job I should have cut her some slack. She has a hard job dealing with people that think they are more important. My job is not more important than hers. My EGO got in my way of being mindful. I called back the city hotline and withdrew my complaint. I had a nice conversation with the supervisor and said I just know they have a hard job and it’s the holiday season and I have to cut people more slack. I made a decision that had a positive impact on the supervisor, the meter maid and myself. Prior to starting my journey I would have no thought about it again.

Now I’m more present and mindful of others and myself. I make a choice to walk in other peoples shoes. After the conversation with the supervisor, she wished me a happy holiday season and I noticed she really appreciated me calling back. I guess that doesn’t really happen.

Make a choice that will have an impact on someone else and will help you grow!

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