Working with Good People!

Good morning,

This morning was a pretty easy, the sunshine was shining and I woke up ready for the day to start.  My wife and I got the kids ready for School.  The kids love Fridays because the get a movie and gym today in aftercare.   I remember the days when the simple things got me excited, the days of innocence and more carefree living.   I find joy in seeing my kids excited its a refreshing start to my day.  Yesterday I felt like I was getting back into the swing of things after a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.    I have got back on track with consistent exercising, meditation, and breathing.   I was feeling great yesterday afternoon until a new customer of mine threw me for a loop whole.  The short of the story I was helping someone that started a new business.   This was their first business in food, they previously only operated a tavern.   I helped them procure product, set up tastings and guided them in the ordering process.   They opened in mid-September and would order once a week.   I would help them out at least once a week because they still were figuring out how to run their business.  I helped them through the fights they had with their partners.   Yesterday I got an email from them saying the will not be working with our company anymore.   They said they have found someone cheaper to provide them the same products.   Same products don’t always mean the same.  Specifications are always different to the untrained eye.



At first, I was upset because I didn’t understand why after everything that I did for them the made it all about price.  In the past, I have qualified my customers to make sure they fit in the wheelhouse of what we do and how we can work efficiently together as a partner.   I used to tell people in business nothing good is cheap, but there is more to that.



Later in the day after I worked out, I took some time to reflect on the interaction with them.  I decided to take the higher road.  I sent them an email and stated to them that I appreciated the opportunity and wished them all the best.  I’m now taking the higher road.  I know we can control what and how people are.  The only thing we can control is ourselves and how we react to things.   One thing I know is that I’m grateful for the customers that I have created strong friendships with.   I have some great customers/clients that are more my friends than clients.   Today my thought is, let the people that you work with on a daily basis know how much you appreciate them.  These people help me see the positivity of business.   The business world is cutthroat.  Working with good people makes it a little bit more tolerable.  I want to thank all of the people that make a difference in making the business world good.   We need good people to make things happen not only in business but in all aspects of life.



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