Where is the leadership?

Good morning,

Once again I’m enjoying the nice weather and sunshine in Chicago.  It is quite the treat for the last day of November.   This weekend will also be beautiful before the temperature drops 20 something degrees.  The news continues to disgust me.   Not only about Matt Lauer but how president Trump responds to the news.  Instead of having an opportunity to turn a horrible situation that has come to light into something that could show support to others.  He chose to take a moment to talk about how executives at NBC should be fired about fake news.   Why can’t he be present on the current issues and not take the moment to help people find comfort?   Is he himself diverting the attention because he is at fault for doing things like so many other men have. 


As the avalanche of sexual harassment cases has come to light, these stories will continue to unfold.  I won’t be surprised if there will be even bigger revelations.  It really is sad that women have to go about their days and wonder if they will be safe from men and harassment. I can’t imagine what that’s like.   I’ve recently heard stories of friends that have experienced their own issues at workplaces.    This makes me very unsettled and it makes me angry.   I remember I was once on a family vacation in Mexico and one of my family friends daughters was being harassed by a guy who was older.   We as a group went to the beach and we’re going to go swimming.  The guy followed us and proceeded to take off all his clothes.   I stayed back and didn’t go in and watched the whole situation unfold.    I was the oldest out of the group so I figured I had to do something.  I grabbed his clothes and ran to find the hotel security guard and informed him of the situation.  I know my actions helped save my family friend.   I can’t save everybody but maybe my words can help someone look at things differently.  Maybe my hope for people treating each other with respect can be the change in someone.   Maybe my journey of change can help someone change.

176359 (1)

Today is my last day of my 30 days of the no alcohol challenge and I feel great and empowered to accomplish anything.  I’m going to continue my challenge into the month of December.  I’m continuing my commitment to being better for myself and others.  I only have one opportunity and I’m taking it now and tomorrow.

Today seize the moment for a better today and tomorrow for yourself and others around you.  Life is about the impact you make on this earth, the positive impact.

It’s not just about you……


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