I will Continue……

Good morning,

This morning the sun is shining and the sky is blue without a cloud out there.  This morning as my wife and I  got the kids ready for school we had the Today Show and on and found out the Matt Lauer was fired due to sexual misconduct.   I watched the cast of the Today Show deliver the news as most of them just learned of the news themselves.  They were shocked to learn about the horrible news.  Yes, it is shocking to hear about how people can not respect others and especially how men continue to miss treat women.  When is it enough and how can we as humankind be different?  I believe the chairman of NBC did the right thing by terminating  Matt Lauer.   Corporate policy on sexual harassment is created for the reason to protect people no matter what position they are in.  They are created to protect men and women.


In today’s day and age, we need to be better.  I want to take this moment to say I’m sorry if  I have done anything that was wrong in my past to offend someone of the opposite sex.   As I am husband and a father of a daughter I know the world my wife and daughter are in.  I want to be a voice for them and all females.  I want to be their protector so they don’t need to worry about these unwanted issues in their lives.   If you feel the same way stand up for your loved ones.  If you know someone being awful to someone help them get through it.  Be there for them they need support.



People need to love each other in a positive way and respect each other.   They need to not take advantage of them with power.   The weak use power to make people do things that are unwanted.  People in leadership roles should help people get better and grow not take advantage.

I will continue………

I will continue to be an advocate for positive living.  I will continue to be an advocate for humankind.  I will continue to be an advocate for equality.   I will continue to be an advocate to make this world a better place for my kids.  I will continue to be an advocate for the how people should treat each other with respect.     I will continue being selfless to make this world better.   Will you continue with me? 




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