The day after! 

Good morning,

Yesterday before the thanksgiving festivities started I took my son with me to go to the gym.  My friends invited me to be their guest at their gym.  Their gym has an amazing kids club.  My son and their two kids played together while my friends and I worked out.   I got to tell my work out was a challenge yesterday.  I did the stairmaster for about 48 miuntes.  I struggled but I fought the struggle with myself and finnished.  I used to really have a hard time finishing things but now I seem to have more will power to see things through.  It really is an amazing feeling.  Accomplishments are my rewards.  My challenges are my journeys that I find personal growth from.   Challenge yourself today!!! 

The day after thanksgiving is always a day to relax watch football and in a way be lazy.  For some people its a day to go shopping for the the upcoming holidays.   Stores open up at all hours to capture sales.  The famous Black Friday!  It’s become a tradition for so many, to have thanksgiving and then go shopping.  I’ve never had any desire to go shopping during Black Friday, it seems a little chaotic for me.  I guess I’ve always need calm and peace in my life.  Skipping Black Friday is the right thing for me. 

Today I will enjoy being with my kids and family.  I woke up today and noticed the sunshine.   Today in St. Louis it will be 67 degrees and I’m going to enjoy the beautiful weather and surrodings.   Yesterday was my first thanksgiving not having a drink.  Our thanksgiving dinner starts at 5pm and goes roughly till 9:30.   We start with appetizers and drinks.  For me I started with ginger ale and club soda and boy did I drink a lot of the club soda.  I didn’t feel like I was not being social.  I felt like I was participating more in conversation and was a better listener.  I really enjoyed my thanksigiving experience of not drinking.   I also noticed I was able to eat less, because I know when I drink I eat more.  This morning when I woke up I felt great and I’m ready to go.  Today I will accomplish things.  I will do some laundry, I will work out, I will spend time with my kids.  The time that I will spend with people today will be worthwhile and will be create postitve moments.   I’m currently enjoying watching my kids  go on treasure hunts at my in laws house.  My father in law is making treasure hunt maps for my kids.  They are loving this morning activity.  Waking up in the morning with clarity and feeling energized makes me really think about my future and how I want it to look.  I’m really enjoying my change. Yes I know change can be scary and unsettling, but it also can be wonderful.  Life is about taking a risk, taking a chance.  Life is full of chances.  You never know the outcome until you try.   I’m trying everyday to be better at life.  I think I’m getting better at life.   

Today be better at life, you only get one. 

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