Good morning,

I hope everyone is excited for today. As yesterday was black Wednesday one of the busiest bar nights of the year. Yesterday was the first time I have not been to bar in probably 17 years. I’m experiencing new things. I’m reinventing myself and what I want to experience. Last night my wife, kids and I went over to a friends house for dinner. As we were driving we saw the most beautiful sky. I’m now noticing things of beauty because I’m more aware.

While being at my buddy’s house I start to realize how long we have been friends. It’s been almost half my life.

My friend from college has also known my wife since kindergarten. Do you have friends that live in other cities and you see them once or twice a year? It’s nice to have made such close bonds with people that even when you get together again you don’t skip a beat. I have a handful of friends like that. I’m thankful for the friendship like that. Today be thankful for people who you connect with. Tell them how much they mean to you. Today is the perfect holiday to make family and friends feel special and appreciated.

This thanksgiving I am thankful for so many things.

Make your list today and share it with someone.

1. My journey of change through positivity

2. Wife, Kids, family and friends that are family.

3. Today

4. Freedom

5. Faith

6. Listening

7. Health

8. Will Power

9. Kindness

Today be mindful, be kind, be grateful, be a human and love each other no matter the differences you share.

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