Detours: sometimes you have to take them.

Good morning,

Today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. I heard that 1 million more people are traveling this thanksgiving than last year. My wife and I decided to leave last night to come to St. Louis and avoid the holiday traffic. We left last night and spent about 1 and half hours getting out of the city. I guess a lot of people had the same intentions. We stopped to eat dinner at a Panera, we actually took it to go. To my surprise the kids actually ate. After about 30 minutes my son started complaining his stomach was hurting him. He was complaining earlier but we didn’t think anything of it. Then out of no where he got sick all over himself. My wife quickly jumped in and helped him get calmed down and we pulled over to the near by gas station. She was very calm during the whole ordeal. She was in fight or flight mode for our son. We got him dressed in new clothes,cleaned the car, and got him some ginger ale. As I was checking out at the gas station the lady was very nice and understanding because I asked for extra grocery bags. She says she been in the same shoes. She proceeds to ask me if we were heading south. I said yes, she continues to tell me that there was a horrible accident and the road is closed. We were going to have take a detour.

The cashier tells me that someone has passed away. I quickly felt sad about the horrible new. My situation was nothing now, just an inconvenience. I’m really okay with being inconvenienced. We proceeded to take the detour and think about how we are all safe and okay. Now we are just going to arrive later but safe. We arrived in STL around 11pm. The news was on and we learned that a truck driver caused the accident that hit eight cars. Two people lost their lives. I was really saddened by this news.

Please pay attention and be aware while you are traveling because you don’t know if the other person is.

As you travel today or the holiday season remember it’s okay to be inconvenienced. Arrive alive!!

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