This to shall pass.

Good morning,

I’m grateful for today.  Last night at about 6pm I was able to have a meal again.  I have taking my health for granted.  I will no longer do so.  I’m grateful for waking up every morning and being healthy.  Today be grateful.   This morning reminded me of sitting in the Vanderbilt stadium it was raining and 45 degrees.    This time I saw something on the horizon.  It was something better to come as I drive in that direction.  If we set our mind to something that is positive it can change the way we feel.  As I looked out past my windshield I felt a shift in my being.

Today I have bounced back to my new self. I am back on track to continue my journey. I’ve also realized through the past couple hours I want to be inconvenienced everyday. I want to give more to others than myself. Today I did a lot of listening to what others need. I’m making myself a better person and friend by being more open to listening with out an agenda.

Today really try listening to a loved one or someone close to you. It can improve your relationship and make you feel more connected to yourself. Today I will be better and listen more and speak less.

Everyone can lend an ear to someone else.

Let your ear be the one!

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