Do you believe in giving?

Good morning,

Last night was so much fun in Nashville. I used to work for a company that has a office in Nashville. I think Nashville is becoming one of my favorite southern cities I’ve been to. I believe I have been here 5 or 6 times in the past 5 years. I have experienced a lot of great restaurants and music. This city is full of all of that.

Last night I suggested to the group we go to this restaurant called Whiskey Kitchen. I have been there before. I thought the group would enjoy the place. We showed at 7pm and lucky they had table for 5. We sat down and a waitress come over the table. She greets us with a smile.

Remember to smile today! Smiles are a great way to start any conversation.

She continues to smile and says I’m so excited. She was a Mizzou alumni. She graduate last May and just moved to Nashville. It was almost meant to be. She told us she was going to go the game today, but friends changed their minds and didn’t come to town. I forgot to mention one thing. We had one person cancel on us, so we had an extra ticket. By the time dinner was done and we had decided as a group to give her the extra ticket. She was so excited and she full intended on going. She exchanged phone numbers with my sister in-law. I believe we did a good deed. We did something that effects our karma. She was a struggling recent grad and we wanted to have a great impact on her night.

Today focus on giving back and karma.

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