The proof of doing good!

This morning was a little busy. I didn’t really have time to share my thoughts. It’s a little after one now and I’m just sitting down to have some lunch and giving myself sometime to reflect. Today marks day 17 into my 30 day no alcohol journey. I’m about to in bark on a big football weekend. This weekend I’m going to Nashville to see my alma mater Mizzou play Vanderbilt.

I’ve been going to one away game every year for almost ten years. It’s always involved a lot of drinking and has been a lot of fun. This experience will be different. I packed my work out clothes, a book and my head phones. I have brought all this stuff with me because every morning I will wake up and be ready to go. Ready to do things for myself that will help me continue on my challenge and journey. I’ve started creating new habits and by doing these things I am creating new moments and experiences that empower me to explore my self. I never knew what I was capable of doing and what I’ve been able to accomplish has amazed me. I’m really excited to experience this weekend the way I want to, by having clarity, presence and feeling great.

This weekend make changes that will empower you for growth.

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