Be happy for someone else it might make your day better!

Good morning, While driving today, I’m using my phone to dictate what I’m going to say. Unfortunately or fortunately my morning is turning out to be very hectic, lucky for me technology has evolved where I can speak my thoughts to my car through Apple car play. This gives me ability to be present and aware of what I need to do to start my day in a positive manner. This week work has been pretty balanced but for some reason today is different. Writing for me has been a great way to start the day. So as I’m working through creating solutions for work today the first thing that is going to help me get through the hectic mood is to write about my thoughts and my experiences yesterday.

Yesterday I worked through a lot of negativity by reflecting, exercising and being grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life. Last night I was able to have a great experience with a couple friends. We went to the Blackhawks game and had amazing seats.

This was my first Blackhawks game that I did not have alcohol. It made me be more aware of the surroundings and made me be more interested in real conversation with friend while enjoying some hockey. The seats were so amazing that we were actually sitting close to one of the players wives. She was there with two of her small children and it was a cool experience because her husband yesterday scored 3 goals.

Every time the player(Artem Anismov)scored I looked over to see the joy not only on his wife’s face but the little kids faces. It was just an amazing sight to see how proud family members can be of each other. It made me realize that I need to be more joyful and proud of people that are close to me and their accomplishments, no matter what they are. Greatness should not be measured only by the accomplishments of scoring goals. It should be measured on the impact it has on others for the greater good of society.

Today find joy in someone else accomplishments. Be proud of the people you are close to. Their accomplishments help us be better, because it shows their hard work pays off.

They are the true inspiration.

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