Do you speak up for others?

Good morning,

This morning I woke up not affected by the rain or the gray skies.   I dropped off the kids and went on my way.    As I was driving to work I noticed the effects the weather has on people, especially the rain. Why can’t people just be more present and not let the weather make them down or unaware?   The rain and clouds shall pass.   



My commute involved almost getting hit by a CTA bus making a turn on red and the drive not paying attention to a do not turn on red.   I decided to call the city information hotline and make a complaint against the driver.    Was I wrong to do this or was I speaking out to maybe prevent him from hurting someone or himself later?   I’m standing up to help others more.  I felt inspired to do so.    When I pulled up to the driver and said you know you made a turn on red and you almost hit me.   He looked at me in a daze, like I was speaking a foreign language.   I know English is my second language but my English is pretty good.   Sometimes we just don’t even know we are not aware of our surroundings and the impact we are making.  We are all operating on automatic at times.  This sometimes can be harmful and dangerous to ourselves and others.   Today be present and aware.         I had another run in as I was turning on to my street where my office was.   A man ran a red light and just was not paying attention.   If I was there five seconds earlier,  he would have just smashed my driver’s side door.   He then decided to stop at the next light.  I pulled over and said to him you know you just ran a light and almost hit me.  I said pay attention to him.   The light turned green and he started following me to work.   I really got nervous because I work in not the best neighborhood.  He followed my every turn until I pulled into the parking lot at work.   I quickly memorized his license plate and called the Police.   Yes, it was slightly scary but I’m not going to let people intimidate others and bully them.   I’m going to speak up to make a difference, to make a change, so maybe one day my words or actions can help someone.  That maybe someday the bus driver will be more aware and be safer.   That the driver who ran the red light will be more present and not selfish.    I am going be the voice of others that are silent.


Let your voice help people see the light. 





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