How was your world kindness day?

Good morning,

Yesterday was world kindness day. Were you extra kind to someone? Was someone extra kind to you? I hope so. I was aware of the day because I’m more present with my surroundings.

It is a day that encourages individuals to overlook boundaries, race, and religion.

The funny things I still encounter people on a daily basis that are stuck. I wish I can make it easier for them to be unstuck. Maybe one day I can. Yesterday I decided after the kid’s doctor appointment we went to Whole Foods for dinner. The kids enjoy going there once a week as an outing. My son knew exactly what he wanted for dinner. My daughter, on the other hand, wanted a snack and didn’t understand it was dinner time. She had a tantrum in the middle of the store because she didn’t get her way. I felt my old self-boiling. I was on the brink of taking both kids home. Through my hard work the past 40 plus days I found the light to quickly change the impact of the tantrum.

I quickly looked in my daughters eyes and asked her what was wrong after her mood would not change for ten minutes. She stated she was hot, thirsty and hungry. I thought to myself that was easy why didn’t you just say so. We quickly got the bottom of it and quickly turned the evening around. The lady at the burger counter at Whole foods felt something because she turned to me and said here is something for you. She gave me a free appetizer. Then she proceed to give us free ice cream. It was such a nice gesture of kindness. She helped me and helped me with my kids. She also was giving back.

Today give back, it has great impact on others.

Today be kind, be calm and smile.

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