Making the difference is awesome!

99a4263671b20d82e1098c4e8b13177fGood morning,
On this sunny cold Monday I’m again ready for whatever this week will bring.  I usually have trouble falling asleep on Sunday nights because I have so much on my mind.   What is different now is that I have worked hard to stop this from occurring.  Instead of watching something before bed on television.  I now listen to relaxing music and read books.  This calms my mind.  It’s exactly what my kids need before they go to bed, we have established a routine of calmness for them.   We get them ready by reading to them and having peace and quiet.  We have created good habits for them that they enjoy.   We as adults should also create habits that will make us more calm and better for the next day.   I’ve made the difference in myself that not only my wife notice but everyone around me.   I’ve taken small steps day by day.  I’ve used the energy from the small steps of positivity to continue in my journey.   My journey is not finished, this the only the beginning.  Life is a marathon and I’m constantly training for it.

Are you training for your marathon?   I just go to the starting line. 


This morning as I drove to work somehow I was looking for motivational music.  I really like the Amazon Music app.   The first song that came up was Eye of the tiger.  What a great song.  Music recently has been touching me and helping me find inspiration every day.   In my daily routine, I’m creating a playlist in my head.    I feeding my energy with positivity and this includes music that is positive.   Today I listened to music from the 80’s, this decade had some great tunes.   I am a child of the 80’s.    The two songs I listened to today are listed below.

  1.  Eye of the Tiger- Survivor
  2.  Holding out for a hero- Bonnie Tyler.  Really relevant now due to all the awful people that are coming out of the woodwork regarding sexual harassment.

Today create aplaylist to provide you with energy and get you to were you need to go be.

Share your playlist with me.  I want to know what makes you feel alive.

We all need a hero in today’s times. 

Be a hero for humankind! 



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