Let it snow.

Good morning,

This morning I woke to 21 degree temperature and flurries. Talk about seasonal change and layers of clothes. Adjustments are part of life. I think season changing make you appreciate life, the beauty of difference and experiencing new things. My kids today were so excited for snow. They wanted to shovel. They wanted to play. They are exactly how I want to be. They are still and calm. They are present in moments and focus on joy and happiness. If I can bottle up their looks of joy and excitement and have it with me that would be awesome. I would not need coffee to get me going in the morning. Today I’m going to focus on the beauty in this world. The beauty of seasons changing. I’m going to focus on the snow and all the good it brings. Like having a moment with hot chocolate near a fire. I think I’ve actually enjoyed winter more than I thought. Usually it’s a time of slowing down. All other seasons are usually so busy. Busy with work, activities and events. The winter season is calmer and more relaxed. I actually love it.

Today try not to focus on the cold and the wetness of snow. I know some of you aren’t lucky enough to experience seasons changing like we do in the midwest. I’m sure where ever you live you can find the difference in your climate you can relate to. The changes bring something new for you to experience and to create a new memory. I’ve always wanted to live in a warm climate, but then I would miss moments like today with my kids. Be happy with what you have and where you live. Take it all in and slow your mind down!!!

Today live in the moment!

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