Practice what you preach!

Good morning,

Today as I woke up I wasn’t thinking about what I was going to write.  I was just going through the motions.   I don’t want to just go through the mornings like an automated robot.  I want to start my day off with a jump start.  I’m going to start something new I heard on a Ted Talk a couple weeks ago.  It’s a countdown from 5 to 1 and you decided on what you are going to do and get up and do it.   Think of a NASA space shuttle going to space, once it starts it can’t really stop.   Today I’m going to try to incorporate this practice into my daily routines that I struggle with.   This will help me move in the right direction.


This morning as I dropped off my wife, I was still looking for my inspiration to make my day awesome.   I quickly got my phone out and ordered a Starbucks via my mobile application.  The app said my coffee would be ready in 3-5 minutes.  When I arrived at the coffee shop I walked to the back of the store to retrieve my order, It wasn’t ready.   I could feel my old self-starting to reappear.  I quickly became aware of the feeling and started to look around.   I noticed the device that prints out the mobile order is spitting out one order at a time, every couple seconds.  I noticed how hard the baristas were working.   I quickly turned my energy around and empathized with them.   I went over to the two ladies and said wow you ladies are really working hard.   They both looked up at me and acknowledged me that I noticed. We started chatting about the holidays and the specialty drinks people are ordering now ahead of the holidays.  I mentioned they are training for the holidays, we all laughed.  Life is hard, so people are treating themselves to some early holiday cheer and joy with their morning coffees.   I guess it all makes sense if we can have something that brings back memories of good times, we should.   By the time my coffee was ready they both looked at me and said Peter have a wonderful day.  We connected in five minutes.  It truly was an amazing experience.


Yesterday I talked about being kind to others.   Well, today I put it into practice.   I can tell you by the time I left the store and spent an extra couple minutes speaking to people and noticing them, we exchanged energies that will help me throughout my day and I hope my kindness will impact them also.   My day was awoken by a five-minute exchange.  It was a powerful experience.  It will make me want to have more of them.   Once you start there is no reason to stop.     Give it a shot today! 

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Remember the countdown.  Start at 5 and GO!

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