Dealing with people and their energy.

Good morning,

Today I wanted to write about how people every day are either out there in the world creating positivity or negativity. There is a fine line between the two. Person A, let’s call them the positive person. Person B, the negative person. I believe in the past I’ve been more person B, Now I am working to be Person A. While I’m constantly working toward this goal I have days I need to stop myself and move in another direction and see things differently.   Yesterday afternoon my day was filled with outside energies from people.  People that no matter what wanted to focus on the negative.  It really weighed on me by the end of the day.

What type of person are you half glass full or glass half empty?


Just fill your glass to the top!!! 


For my job, I do a lot of driving in the city.  I’m always in traffic no matter what time it is. I started noticing that people lack patience, kindness, and understanding of others.   I notice people are so quick to just explode at others.  For example just because someone doesn’t let you merge into a lane, does it justify you to yell profanities at them?    Maybe that other person didn’t see you. I see people doing this to each other all the time.

This makes me sad that people are just so hurtful to each other.   I know everyone has a lot going on all the time.  They worry about work, their family, and all other life variables.  Life is hard, but if we all take a deep breath.  Think about it,  most of us are working for the same common goal, we are just trying to make it.  We all are trying to make every day better than yesterday.   Be nice to each other, be understanding be aware.  People go through moments and they need support from others.  One little act of kindness is all it takes.  Start by not yelling at people for their mistakes on the road or for that matter anywhere else.    Today be more kind to a stranger.  Practice that every day and see how that makes you feel.




Today I’m going to be more aware of others and what I can do for them.   I’m making that commitment to myself and others I care about.


Yesterday I finished my day with taking care of myself.   I worked out, read something to make myself better as a human and meditated.  I do these things so I can try to help others and myself today.    I also reflected on how I want to work harder on letting others negative energy not change what I am doing.  I want to be aware how it makes me feel and I want to deflect it.   Today I’m focusing on shinning my armor and protecting my self from the negativity army.

Are you reflecting on your day and trying to see how today’s mistakes can be tomorrows gains? 




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