Changing the enivorment to ease into the day.

20140408-081137Good morning,

My morning officially started at 3am.  When our daughter decided to wake up and get into our bed.  She spent a couple of minutes in bed and then went back downstairs.  Then an hour later she came back.   At 5 am our son decided to come join the party.  In the meantime, my wife’s alarm clock went off because she was going for a run outside.  I really don’t know how she does it.  I struggle in the mornings.  From 5am to 6:20am I took a snooze with our kids in our bed.

At 6:20 our new Amazon Alexa woke me up with light and sound.   I’m experimenting with something different to make mornings easier.  Yesterday I connected our home with the Amazon Alexa device and also converted three lights in our bedroom to have the Phillips Hue light bulbs.  These light bulbs change colors and help create environments/moods with light and you control them by the Amazon Alexa device.    Today at 6:20am  I was woken up by the light bulbs mimicking the sunrise.  It felt a little bit calmer this morning, but it was only the first day.   I feel that going forward my mornings will be easier and easier because I will be greeted with the serenity of light and sound.

What changes in your routine can you make in the morning?   These changes will empower you to get out of bed on the right side.   The right side of my bed will look like the sunrise, the sound of peace, joy and great things to come.  Make your mornings amazing!  I have failed before but I will no longer fail.

Be grateful its another day that you can find out new things about yourself and humanity.  Take time to learn, laugh and live!!! 


Today be in charge of how you feel and if your mood isn’t what you like, take the steps to get out of your funk.    You will thank yourself later.  I promise! 



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