Be a believer and JUST DO IT!!!

Good morning,

Today is a happy Monday,  I hope its happy for you.   I woke up ready for this week and today to happen.  As I dropped off my wife at the train station I thought how my day was going to go.   I am not going to let anything get in my way.  I’m going to use my positive energy and clarity and let it spill into my week.   The next thing I know I get a text from my wife, she says, ” you’re not going to believe this guy on the train, his coffee cup is awesome”.


There are people and signs everywhere.   Today be a believer in people that bring life to others.  People that are living every day with the right presences and awareness.   They are not only helping themselves but their energy might help you.   The text message and the picture gave me a boost.

If you believe it, it will happen.  

This weekend was my first weekend in a long time I didn’t have a drink.  I got a tell you, today I feel wonderful.  It’s like I have taken a vacation.   Friday night I was around alcohol twice at two different functions and it didn’t even phase.  I was focused on how good I’ve felt all week.   I did though reward myself with an extra dessert.


My Sunday Funday was a little different from how people usually do them.   With the time change, our kids were up really early.  I didn’t let this phase me as I had a plan.  I was going to workout, run errands and mediate all before 11am.  We dropped the kids off at an activity which gives my wife and I two free hours to do whatever we want.  I used those two hours to fill up my energy tank.  During my workout, I did the Stairmaster, Its one of the hardest cardio machines in the gym.   I really like to push myself more now.   I climbed 200 floors and when I accomplished it, I felt amazing.  Yesterday I didn’t feel like any part of me wanted to give up.  I wanted to get to the finish line.

ElevationSeries-PowerMillClimber-DiscoverSE3-ArcticSilver-StandardView-L (1)resutls


Today make a plan. Stick with your plan.  Don’t give up.  It’s hard but if you believe you can do it.  You will do it!  Believe in yourself, you can do anything! 



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