Talk less,smile more.

Good morning,

Yesterday was an awesome day spent with my family and friends. It’s amazing what you enjoy when you are more present and aware. We ventured out of the house in a down pour. I used to feel like going out in the rain was such a burden. Rain is no big deal anymore, so you get a little wet. Now I just soak in the energy of the rain. It washes away dirt on the streets. It nurturers the tree and plants. Now I only see the positive. Yes I know a lot of rain is not good, but that’s life.

A lot of anything is not good.

We got to our friends house and spent 8

hours there. It was so nice it really felt like a vacation from the real world. They live close to the lake, they have a resistance pool, and very nice relaxing house. They told us to bring swimming suits for the kids. They just moved to the burbs a couple months back, It was really interesting to see how their transition has been. The kids were super excited about going swimming inside. I didn’t know what to expect. It brought pure joy just watching them. It brought so much happiness to them it was such a wonderful thing to watch.

After the swimming everybody was a little tired so they were ready to take a short rest on the couch. Which any parents out there know this is a blessing for everybody on the weekends.

It’s okay for everybody to take a rest and relax.

The weekends can be so busy, remember to take sometime to refresh, regroup and rest for the following week to come.

How will you refresh today?

As we drove home it was nice to reflect on the wonderful day we experienced as a family. The kids wanted to listen to the Hamilton sound track. They both love it. I’m sure a lot of you have either heard the music or seen the show. It has so much inspiration in it. One song had a line in it TALK LESS,

SMILE MORE! This upcoming week I’m going to try doing that.

I think it will be interesting to see how I feel.

Are you willing to add some more smiles to your week?

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