Celebration is good!

Good morning,

Today one year ago the Cubs celebrated a World Series win. The first one in 108 years. Yesterday the Astro’s celebrated their first win ever in 56 years of being a Major League Baseball team. These are great accomplishments. Tonight I’m going to celebrate my 30 day unplug/disconnect challenge. I’m not going to just stop tonight. I’m going to keep on going. I like this new habit. It’s opened up my mind and heart to other things that are meaningful. In the past 30 days, I’ve noticed I really enjoy writing, reading and meditation. I’ve uncovered new hobbies that bring energy to me that is positive. Tonight I’m going to celebrate that.

Have you found something new that you haven’t done that brings you energy to live with positivity?

Yesterday was a very nice day. I started the late afternoon by making a trip to the suburbs to see my mom and dad. I have not seen them in a few weeks. I don’t think I’ve seen them since my journey started 30 days ago. It was nice because I was present. We connected and it felt nice. I’m proud of both my parents for working so hard and they continue to do that. I’m especially proud of my mother for doing her own challenge and eating healthy. I know she will do great and make the lifestyle change that will make her accomplish her goals.

That is hard work, if anyone knows anything about hard work for yourself.

I’m proud of a lot of people today and I’m also proud of myself.

Life is hard but we all get up and move forward.

Today set small goals. Half the battle is starting. Through the journey you will talk yourself out of it. It’s easy to give up. Hard work pays off. I’m seeing my hard work pay off because I’m seeing the investment I’m making and the positivity it has on me and others.

It’s huge!

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