I put myself out there!

Good morning,
I hope everyone is doing great on this Friday!   Today the sun is shining through the clouds.  While I was driving to work on Lakeshore Drive I noticed something amazing.  I noticed rays of sunshine coming through the clouds over Lake Michigan.  It was truly an amazing site and sign.   When things seem cloudy or negative keep on looking.  I looked and saw the light.   The rays of sunshine quickly made me present and aware of good things on the horizon.

 Think it, believe it and it will come to become present for you. 



Last night as I continued my unplug, I reflected on the day’s events.   I thought about how earlier in the day I decided to be there for someone.   I made it my priority I put myself out there and was willing be different this time.   It’s funny how the universe works.  All the positive energy that I put out there came back to me.   The place I had to be for someone got moved to a different time.   I was able to have my meeting with my new customer.  I got to spend quality time with my family.   I was able to be present and not worry about anything else.   I got news that everything went well with the person I was supposed to be there.  Someone else that was going to be able to be there for them so I no longer needed to be there.   I was willing to go be there for them with my kids.  I was really being selfless.  It was a great feeling.

Put yourself out there.  Be kind to humankind!   




Today as I end my work week.  I noticed something on my co-workers desk.  It was a rock that really had a quick great phrase.   

Forget about it!


Not only is this something great to do in times of negativity but the rock symbolizes strength.  You need strength and willpower to make changes in your being.  Changes that will be something that you will be proud.  I’m proud of the changes I am making.


Find the saying and your rock to be the change you want to be. 





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